Automotive Finance

Pangman Drivers Make Knight Weyburn CDJR Their First Port of Call for Auto Financing

Pangman drivers seldom look forward to finding auto financing, but at Knight Weyburn CDJR we can make it easier than ever. Our finance team are ready and waiting to work with you – no matter your current credit situation – to get you the right price for the right vehicle.

Just follow these simple instructions to find us from Pangman:

  • Head southwest on Mergens St toward Saskatchewan Ave
  • Turn left onto SK-13 E
  • Continue for just over 60 km, then find us on your left at 1627 1 Avenue Northeast in Weyburn

At Knight Weyburn, we offer great auto financing deals, whether you’re leasing or buying. If you’re not sure which option would work best for you, just take a look at our guide.

The Benefits of Leasing

  • Cost: When you lease, you’re only paying for the part of the vehicle which you’re going to use, so both your monthly payments and initial down payment will be lower than with buying.
  • Convenience: When the lease term is up, just come back to Knight Weyburn CDJR to enjoy a number of end-lease options, such as jumping straight into the newest model.
  • Technology: Since you’ll change cars every few years, you’ll never be without the latest comfort, convenience, efficiency, and safety technology.

The Drawbacks of Leasing

  • Restrictions: You’ll need to stay within certain mileage limits, typically 9,000, 12,000, or 15,000 miles each year.
  • No Alterations: Since you don’t actually own the car, you won’t be able to make any major changes.

The Benefits of Buying

  • Building Equity: At the end of the term, it becomes yours entirely. You can either trade up for the value of the vehicle, or keep driving with no monthly payments.
  • No Restrictions: Drive as much as you want without worrying about mileage limits, and make whatever alterations you’d like.

The Drawbacks of Buying

  • Lost Value: It’s hard to gauge how valuable a vehicle will be in a few years’ time, so your chosen model might end up being a bad investment.
  • Cost: You’ll need to wait longer to build up an appropriate down payment, and your monthly costs will be higher until the vehicle is fully paid off.

Pangman Drivers Head to Knight Weyburn CDJR for Both Leasing and Buying

Whatever type of auto financing they require, Pangman drivers know they’ll find the best deals when they come to Knight Weyburn CDJR. For more information, just contact one of the team today.