2017 Chrysler Pacifica vs. 2017 Toyota Sienna

2017 Chrysler Pacifica Red

Chrysler Pacifica

2017 Toyota Sienna White

Toyota Sienna

Minivans that are more than just minivans are what’s in style right now. Indian Head drivers are looking for more versatile, stylish, and high-performing vehicles that can function as more than just a daily driver or passenger hauler. The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is able to provide drivers with the perfect balance of all of these things. To help you see how, we’ve compared it side by side with another newly released minivan: the 2017 Toyota Sienna. Check out the results below.


In terms of performance, the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica can provide drivers with much more than the 2017 Toyota Sienna. For example, the Pacifica has better fuel economy, coming in at 8.4L/100km highway, while the Sienna gets less at 8.9L/100km. The Pacifica also has a longer wheelbase of 121.6 inches than the Sienna which only has a 119-inch wheelbase. The Pacifica’s longer wheelbase allows it to be more stable when turning and carrying out other tasks like towing. Due to the wheelbase and other factors, the Pacifica is able to tow as much as 1,633 kilograms while the Sienna maxes out at 1,587 kilograms. And we can’t forget to mention that the Pacifica even comes with aa hybrid engine option which can offer drivers as low as 2.9L/100km.


In the features department, the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica and the 2017 Toyota Sienna do have quite a few shared features like rear bucket seats, power sunroofs, parking distance sensors, navigation systems, keyless entry systems, and dual climate control. However, the Pacifica is able to offer drivers and passengers more space to stretch out with more rear headroom, rear leg room, front hip room, and front leg room than the Sienna. The Pacifica also offers a more immersive audio experience with 13 standard speakers compared to the Sienna’s 10 speakers.

Which One is Better?

Deciding which vehicle can give you more for the money may seem a little unclear for some. Though, when looking at the performance, features, space, and technology of both vehicles we can see that the 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is able to provide drivers with better fuel economy, an eco-friendly engine option, and more space for passengers to stretch out, all at a much lower price that the 2017 Toyota Sienna.

Get Better Performance with Chrysler

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