Service Specials

Save $20 on Wheel Alignment

Stop your vehicle pulling to the left or right and protect against unusual tire wear!

EXPIRES: 02/29/2020
Save $20 on a Battery AVR Test

Ensure your battery is strong this winter season!

The Battery AVR Test provides critical answers to the following three primary functions of your batteries:





EXPIRES: 02/16/2020
Save $20 on Differential Service

Keep you vehicle running smoothly this winter with a front and rear diff service!

Regular $199.95 plus tax

Sale $179.95 plus tax

EXPIRES: 02/29/2020
Transmission Fluid Exchange

Save $10 on a transmission fluid exchange!

Trucks: Regular $369.95

Car/Van/SUV: Regular $259.95

EXPIRES: 02/29/2020
Save $20 on Premiere Oil Change

Performance Oil Cleaning Service

-Cleans out oil contamination

-Improve low temperature flow

-Help keep seals soft and pliable

Regular $138.95

Sale $118.95